[Advaita-l] Why holy mantras are chanted 108 times and not anyother number of times?

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Ramesh, pranams

Mantra and japa are complex subjects, with various numbers and speeds
mentioned. The online Hindupedia has attempted to sum up the subject; but
there are many traditions.

On the number 108, regarded as special and sometimes said to be derived from
jyotisha, mathematicians might note (and I can't give a further explanation
!), that 108 happens to be 1 to the power of one (i.e.1) times 2 to the
power of two (i.e.4) times three to the power of three (i.e. 27).


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Dear Learned List members,
 Can the learned members of the board clarify this doubt of mine please? 
Why are Holy Manthras chanted 108 Times? why not any other number? Thanks
and pranams once again, Ramesh Ramanan.

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