[Advaita-l] Knowledge, renunciation and varNASrama rules

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Aug 19 03:49:05 CDT 2010

sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji
Hare Krishna

But just because using a computer is not mentioned in the Vedas doesn't 
make it any less of a karma to be 
renounced if one seeks mukti.  Indeed such an error of restriction leads 
to the perverse idea of modern pseudoadvaitins that you can do anything 
you like _except_ for religious rituals.

>  prabhuji, the naked truth (nagna satyaM) behind the above statement of 
your goodself piercing my heart like an arrow!!  Yes, when I do 
introspection, the guilty conscious in me throws me a simple question, 
what are you doing here in mundane saMsAra?? entangling yourself in shOka 
& mOha despite 'knowing' what is ultimate purushArtha ??  Frankly I donot 
have the answer and at present I donot want to find answer to this 
question!! it is because the socalled 'saMsAra bandhana' is 'priyaM' and 
'hitaM' to my heart & I donot want to come out of it!!  Yes, I know 
indulging in 'money-earning' karma, bondage with 'patni', 'putra' 'mitra' 
etc. are quite rigorous and resulting in accumulation of mountains & 
mountains of karma phala..But I cant help it!!  A consoling answer & 
justification comes from my materialistic mind is that, see, there are 
dependents (like small school going kids, wife, a typical South Indian 
housewife who does not know much about outside the four walls of her 
home!!)  who are waiting for my service...So, I have to be there with them 
to serve them as long as I live, during the course of my duty it is but 
natural that there will be shOka & mOha but haven't I doing nitya karma, 
vedAdhyayana, vedAnta chitana etc. am I not spiritualizing/philosophizing 
my official duty and timings also by involving in vedAntic discussion in 
electronic media with cybernet satsangis??  are these 'sAdhana-s' not 
enough for me atleast for the time being to cultivate necessary 'vairAgya' 
at the future time?? 'NO', my practical & objective mind comes on me hard 
with a thumping answer...No, what you are doing is NOT enough if you are 
really serious about your 'sAdhana'...yes, ofcourse, you are observing 
nitya karma-s, doing vedAdhyayana, vedAnta chitana etc. but these are all 
quite monotonous and mechanical in your daily routine and intensity & 
'purpose' lacking in these socalled 'spiritual' routines & you are 
performing these acts just like other routines of your material life like 
brushing your teeth, taking bath, playing badminton, going out with your 
family for party, cinema, playing with your kids etc.  What special place 
you have given to your spiritual sAdhana to boost 'vairAgya' in you to 
claim that it would fetch you vairAgya at a future date??  Again, my 
samsAri mind does not want to entertain this type of straight foward 
questions and tries to curb questions like this in the bud..So, prabhuji 
strictly speaking in one way or the other I too belong to the category of 
pseudo vedAntins but with a slight change :  'I love to be there in 
saMsAra & to lead saMsAra with patni-putra with small bit of veda & 
vedAnta as daily routine' till I get 'vairAgya' to renounce everything!! 
prabhuji, what is your advice to the persons like me?? I dont think I am 
better than pseudo advaitins what you have mentioned above. When I asked 
same question to my guruji, he said : "pray the almighty earnestly"..

Sorry if I bored you with my personal problems...

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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