[Advaita-l] FW: Avidya, Jnanis and SSS' views

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Thu Apr 29 01:52:03 CDT 2010

praNAms Sri Karthik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

No one, as far as I know, admits of degrees of saMyak-GYAna.

>  Yes, but there is gradations in brahma jnAni-s like brahmavida, 
vareeya, varishTa etc. as per vyAkhyAna prasthAna & prakaraNa grantha-s 
written by later advaita Acharya-s.  And more importantly there is a point 
of stress that the jnAna in these jnAni-s are not mere intellectual 
understanding, it is indeed brahma jnAna only.  What does it mean then?? 

BUB 1.4.7 talks of avidyA remaining undestroyed even after saMyak-GYAna.

> No prabhuji, actually this maNtra bhAshya talks about 'jnAna daurbalyaM' 
and the efforts need to be adopted/practiced  to maintain the intensity of 
this jnAna & protect it from the onslaught of karma...

What a convenient (mis)interpretation!

>  I am afraid prabhuji, for subhanu prabhuji's (mis) interpretation, he 
has given the justification from vArtika, whether those quotes support his 
view point is immaterial here ..but for your concluding remarks, you have 
hardly provided any reference...Kindly share your understanding on the 
below two vArtika-s and logically prove what you are saying is shruti, 
yukti & anubhava sammata...Otherwise, this discussion would be your words 
Vs mine :-))

// quote //

Na kashchidapi sambhAvyo yathoktanyAyagauravAt ।
Vidhiryato ‘bhyupagmAniyamoktiriyam tataH ॥ [BUBV1.4.922] 

Uktam cha nyAyamApekshya niyamo’tyantadurlabhaH ।
Vidher daurbalyasiddhyartham ato bhASyakriduktavAn ॥

// unquote //

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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