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> Sivaanandalahari - 13
> आसारे संसारे निजभजन-दूरे जडधिया
> भ्रमन्तं मामन्धं परम-कृपया पातु-मुचितम् ।
> मदन्य: को दीन-स्तव कृपण-रक्षाति-निपुण-
> स्त्वदन्य: को वा मे त्रिजगति शरण्य: पशुपते ॥ १३ ॥ १३ ॥
> AsAre saMsAre nijabhajana-dUre jaDadhiyA
> bhramantaM mAmandhaM parama-kRupayA pAtu-muchitam |
> madanya: ko dIna-stava kRupaNa-rakShAti-nipuNa-
> stvadanya: ko vA me trijagati SaraNya: paSupate || 13 ||
> It is worth protecting me with compassion as I am running around like a
> blind man with dull wit leading a life that is useless and unfavourable for
> meditation. Who is poorer than me? Oh Pasupathi! Who else, in the three
> worlds, will protect me other than you who is the ultimate in protection of
> the poor?
> *Commentary*
> Aum
> என்போல் எளியவரும் எங்கெங்கு பார்த்தாலும்
> உன் போல் வலியவரும் உண்டோ பராபரமே
> (தாயுமானவர்)
> SivaprasaadEna vinaa na buddhi: sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na yukthi:|
> SivaprasaadEna vinaa na siddhi: sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na mukthi:||
> Hey! PasupathE! exclaims AchaaryaaL. Who is a ‘pasu’? ‘Pasyantheethi
> pasava:’ Those jeevas who take the objects sensed by the karmEndriyaas as
> real and suffer their lives in this samsaara are called ‘pasu’. They are
> bound by three paasams (literally chains) called kaamam, karmam and maayai
> and thus live a life of agnaanis.
> What is maayai? It is the inability to know the subtle secret of getting
> janma saabalyam given in the Vedantha saasthra. Annamacharya laments on the
> obstacles created by the maaya in the following keerthana.
> Ekkadi mAnusha janmam bethina phalame unnadhi nikkamu ninnE nammithi nee
> chithambikanU
> (What is the use of getting a manusha janmam? It is now left to you)
> maravanu ahArambulu maravanu samsArasukhamu maravanu indriya bhogamu mAdhava
> nee mAya
> By your Maya do I forget eating, happiness of life, sense-pleasures...
> marachedha sugyAnambunu marachedha thatva rahasyamu marachedha guruvunu
> daivamu mAdhava nee mAya
> But by our Maya I  do forget acquiring gnana, I forget all the thathva
> rahasya, I forget my Guru and the God
> viduvanu pApamu punyamu viduvanu nA durgunamulu viduvanu mikkiliyAsalu
> vishnuda nee mAya
> And by your Maya I do not give up doing paapa and puNya karmas, I do not
> give up my dhurguNa as also my greed
> vidichedha shatkaaryambulu vidichedha vAiragyambunu vidichedha Acharambunu
> vishnuda nee maya
>  By your Maya, I do not practice the shatkarmas (which are dauti, basti,
> neti, nauli, kapalabati and trataka), I do not practice vairaagyam, I do not
> practice aachaaram..
> thagilEdha bahulampatamula thagilEdha bahubhandhambula thagulanu mOkshapu
> mArgamu thalapuna yenthainA
> By your Maya, I go by the way of the mind and get entanged in relationships
> but the thought of Moksha never crosses my mind..
> agapadi shree Venkateswara anrtharyAmi vai nagi nagi nanu nee velithi nAkA
> yI mAya
> I surrender to you who is the antharyaami of all,  why this Maaya for me,
> shouldn't you save me...
> (pl do listen to the beautiful rendering of this by Priya Sisters
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhzCIynNvjU
> What is kaama? It is the base desire in such objects as women, wealth etc.
> And what is karma? It is the punya and papa done in many previous lives.
> Thus being bound by these three paasam, having abhimaanam to the inert body
> that is made of five subtle elements from space to earth and calling it as
> ‘I’ and calling the objects as mine, knowing what is seen only as real and
> ignoring the unseen Vedic knowledge that liberates from these paasams, thus
> drowning endlessly in the ocean of samsaara, that praani is known as ‘pasu’.
> Therefore Parameswara who apportions the karmaphalas to these pasus, is
> known as Pasupathi.
> Hey! PasupathE! There is no end for me from the eternal spin that I am
> dragged into with kaamam, krOdham, lObham, mOham, madham and maathsaryam.
> There is no release for me from the binding of wife, children, wealth, home
> etc. (காயத்தே பசு பாசத்தே சிலர் காமுற்றேகுதல் என்கொலோதான்!) My constant
> efforts O! PasupathE! To relieve myself from these clutches only take me
> from the frying pan to the fire! I have not found time to think of your
> lotus feet because I have remained an ‘avivehi’. Hey! Parameswara! Hey!
> prabhO! You alone is the saranaagatha vathsalan and I am you saraanaagathan.
> There is none equal to you in being dheena-rakshakan in all the three
> worlds. Please therefore come to me and teach me the aathma-gnaanam to
> drench myself in sivaanandalahari.
> SivOham, SivOham.
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