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Thank you all for the info. That it is unavailable confirmed my fears.

Recently, I laid hands on an audio CD in Hindi by the late Swami Ramanandaji
Maharaj of Omkareshwar taking classes on the Isha Upanishad along with the
Tika. Certain words, like 'shaakhaam chitva' were explained so beautifully,
how a 'palaasha shaakha' was obtained etc. There is no mention of these in
Aacharya's commentary, but the Tika mentions this. Still you need a
'paramparaa' teacher to explain the connotation. I thought maybe someone has
done this in English and hence the query.

Namaste. Om.


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> Reprints of E Roer's 1931 'Twelve Principal Upanishads' with Anandagiri's
> tikas are quoted on Amazon at a hefty price..
> Michael

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