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Tue May 19 10:02:48 CDT 2009

Dear Michael,


>Indeed it could be seen as the mark of a greater >devotion to God, never to attempt to speak of Him.. >belief unquestioned and unbruised !

This is a needless extrapolation, probably caused by your own past associations with Abrahamic culture.


Hara is not mentioned out of fear due to his being bhUtapati and rudra (one who makes relatives weep due to loss of life), but becoming Hara is the last necessary stage before realizing Brahman. Also, for the same reason rudra owns whatever is left at place of yajna. 


Conversely Vishnu is the first deva who comes into the yajna, so he is the first deva who allowed the  existence of individual jiva. Without knowing him there is no knowledge of Brahman either.


Will Abrahamic God permit someone becoming equal to him?


Devotion to a deva is fine, but one should also realize that thinking of that deva as some one other than one self, and fearing that deva forever is another form of ignorance. Fear is tamas caused by an unfit mind, and the first casualty of fear is loss of expansion of chest, which leads to an unfit body, and so goes down the spiral. 




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