[Advaita-l] A few moments with Paramacharya by Dr Raja Ramanna

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Fri Mar 6 14:50:16 CST 2009


Dr. D Bharadwaj, 


Thanks for posting this inspiring article which shows

Paramacharya's keen interest in matters scientific. 


Once I posted this:




If concepts of vedanta do match the depth of modern

sciences, mathematics, genetics, computer sciences

and management we should by all means pursue the

leads, though our main aim would be advaita. 


But a clear distinction must be made between modern

sciences and the unscientific unsystematic humanities

subjects masquerading as "knowledge". E.g.,

European/IE linguistic grammar as we know today. I

stopped using the word consonant after I found the

term "sonant consonant". My first question on hearing

this term was: Are there any non-sonant consonants?

If there are, they can not be logically called

"con"sonants any more because they are not sonant. 


Agreeably in some cases scientific concepts can not be

mapped one-to-one with Hindu shastras

(e.g., logarithmic scales vs Carnatic scales). In these

cases Hindu shastras follow their own mathematics the

nature of which is still unknown.




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