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On Sun, 1 Jun 2008, Ananta Bhagwat wrote:

> 2/ 'am coming back on the issue of conscience since I find the issue important.

What is conscience anyway?

> 3/ I think, pUrva mImAMsA is not the right place to look for answers to ethical issues, though it is quite important to the Vedic studies as such.

Mimamsa is about actions. What good is ethics if they don't result in 

> As an example, kumArila tradition sanctions animal (shyena) sacrifice for evil purpose - for causing injury to living beings.

I think you have that backwards.  Shyenastoma is not dharmic despite being 
sanctioned by the Vedas.  Atleast that is my understanding based on 

> 4/ My personal short-cut is: Look into gItA for conscience and go to SankarAcArya for philosophy. Rest will follow.

At the beginning, Arjuna wanted to give up his kingdom and retire to the 
forest.  At the end of the gita he wants to slaughter his brothers.  Which 
one of these views represent his conscience?

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