[Advaita-l] Discussion on Ekadandi Monks

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Fri Sep 28 23:45:49 CDT 2007

This has reference to Sri Ganesh Ramachandran's Email.Many centuries have
elapsed between Sankara and Madhwacharya.After Sankara
Bhaskara,vallabhacharya,Chaitanya have propsed their various
siddhantas.There is a reference to mayavada in Padmapurana also which is
blatantly an after addition.Trivikrama Pandithacharya an Adwaitin was said
to be defeated in debate,after which he is said to have written a small
book"Manimanjari"which contains balsphemous references to Sankara.It is
not the earliest biography of Sankara as Ganesh Ramachandran assumes.How
can Achyuta Preksha who is said by him can belong to the Adwaita of
Sankara tradition?The Bhashyas of Madhwacharya contains numerous
references to early Vaishnawite saints earlier to Madhwacharya.All this
points to the fact that the word Mayavada has been twisted.

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