[Advaita-l] Introductory remark in the siddhAnta-lesha-saMgraha

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Thu May 31 08:04:06 CDT 2007

Appayya Dikshita outlines the reason for the diversity of methods in advaita 
vedAnta and for the perceived mutual contradictions among them.

prAchInair-vyavahArasiddha-viShayeShvAtmaikyasiddhau paraM 
sannahyadbhiranAdarAt.h saraNayo nAnAvidhA darshitAH |

The ancient AchAryas (of vedAnta) were completely intent on establishing the 
One Atman, (but) provided different explanations owing to their iniifference 
shown to things that can be established in vyavahAra (bhrAntimAtrasiddha - 
valid only in the illusory world).

There is no doubt that all AchAryas of Shankara's lineage were intent upon 
establishing the Non-dual Atman as the only reality (tattva). There was not 
the same intent and emphasis on establishing conclusions that pertain to the 
illusory world, conclusions that have relevance or validity only in 
vyavahAra. Therefore, owing to the indifference of the AchAryas to such 
matters, there resulted a diversity of explanations in advaita works.

In summary, any perceived contradictions among AchAryas are not relevant in 
the final analysis, and hence can be safely ignored.


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