[Advaita-l] shankara-SSS tradition & tatvamasi

prem d p prem_d_p at yahoo.co.in
Wed May 30 08:59:08 CDT 2007

  dear smt savithriji,
  i have enjoyed reading your mails and gathered that you have a deep
  understanding of the shankara-SSS tradition. as for myself, i have not read
  SSS yet. i would be grateful to know how this tradition views the following:
  1. in a cognizer-cognized dual, the 'cognizer' cannot cognize without the
  support of Self(Atman), so also the 'cognized' is not cognizable if not supported
  by Self(Brahman).
  2. that the above is a refutation of pure idealism.
  3. personally, to me (in my current state of knowledge/ignorance), multiplicity
  is not a problem which necessarily demands a solution of the form of a single
  primary jiva. multiplicity of view-points (jivas) is the fundamental mechanism of 
  how the illusion of reality is created. so for a real-like-illusion a 
  real-like-multiplicity-of-cognizers is required. and precisely for this reason a
  single cognizer will not do in the realm of variety and its dimensions.
  4. each 'I' transcends its littleness to go home to an Advaitic-Reality and yet
  each cognizer knows that he cannot participate in the 'I' of the other. this
  'individuality' also surely leads to advaita.
  i also would like to request you to clarify, for my benefit, the status with respect
  to each other of 'that' and 'thou' in the mahavakya 'tat tvam asi' according to the
  shankara-SSS tradition.

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