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bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com wrote:

>...saMpradAya Acharya-s.  There is no second opinion on it... But giving 
>respect does not mean we >should blindly accept whatever respected Acharya 
>say, ...Sri SSS, in one of his works do >acknowledge the enormous help 
>which he accrued from the study of later vyAkhyAnakAra's >works.  But after 
>a comprehensive study of bhAmati, vivaraNa & shankara mUlabhAshya 
>(not self-study ofcourse), Sri SSS felt that there is lot of *internal 
>quarrels/inconsistencies* with >regard to shankara siddhAnta between 
>bhAmati & vivaraNa schools & thought that it is near to >impossible task to 
>come to the undisputable conclusion with regard to *certain* doctrinal 
>issues in
>advaita though ultimately these schools propagating shankara's 

I repeat what I said earlier since the point seems to have been lost on you. 
What difficulty do you have in accepting HH Bharati Tirtha's opinion? Please 
do not keep harping on blind faith. This is the borderline upon crossing 
which all the members of this list will feel insulted. This is the advaita 
list for God's sake, not some hocus-pocus mysticism or fanatism list. 
Obviously, Sri Bharati Tirtha would have studied what Sri SSS has said and 
only then made the statement I mentioned earlier about the consistency of 
later AchAryas and Shankara. When we have two Acharyas (Sri SSS and Sri 
Bharati Tirtha) saying what they said what we shoud we do? We know that Sri 
Bharati Tirtha would have studied Sri SSS' works and all that he said. 
Therefore, we should conclude that Sri SSS' sayings are refuted by Sri 
Bharati Tirtha, since the former AchArya's works were taken into 
consideration by the later AchArya.

Again as I said earlier (I have to keep repeating old arguments), there are 
bound to be differences in approach among the galaxy of AchAryas of 
Shankara's sampradAya. But these differences are not so great as to cause an 
erosion of Shankara's core teachings. This is the point. And if you say that 
there should never have been even those peripheral differences, you are 
asking for the impossible from a rich tradition that extends over 1200 
years. As I said earlier, Shankara would have employed parrots to memorize 
his bhAShyas and had the parrots transmit them verbatim down the 
generations, if he wanted, but he chose to have human disciples like 
PadmapAda, Sureshvara, and others who used their own original methods to 
further explain what Shankara taught.


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