[Advaita-l] Laugh ,Laugh once more for me and you (God)

ramakrishnan thirumurugan rthirumurugan123 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 10 07:09:04 CST 2007

             GOD ORDER(G.O)--"Dont close mail,open you mouth for laugh"
           Dear friend, Good day to you
                I try to give my best for your joy.
                 please laugh one time for me,
                 please laugh once more for you like me yeehehehaha.
                 why I am ask you laugh,laugh is one type of yoga
              child laugh:  
                 Try to find the meaning of pure childlaugh.                     
                 Dear friend,
                 child laugh comes from nature, 
                          Do you know ?,nature is God.  
                 childlaugh not expect any situation to laugh,
                      it comes from directly god.
              please laugh for me oncemore please .. hahahehe.
             "Dont act at the time of laugh"
           "Laugh must come from your heart with full love& happy"
       Laugh is like a Forest fire,
          once you laugh it makes a big circle around you.
     If you laugh, your life will increse,
       at the same it gives a meaning for your life  without words.
     please try to live happy with truely.
     Don't laugh when another person sad.
        Try to make you present with another person smile.
               It gives meaning for your life
     "Laugh not expect money, But it expect good heart".
                                    your everfriend
                                  (s/o N.Ramakrishnan)tamil nadu.
                                   (rthirumurugan123 at yahoo.co.in)
   dear friend,
           if you can try to give opinion for my letter.                                         
           please laugh  for me and you like hhahhahehehaha.                                      

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