[Advaita-l] India, my beloved India!

Abhishek RK rkabhi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 20:49:08 CST 2005

I hold a contrary viewpoint. There is nothing wrong with wealth
-- if obtained and used morally. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth,
is worshipped in the temples throughout India. Kubera, the lord
of wealth, is considered a highly auspicious deity. It is
undoubtedly a good thing for India to slowly rid herself of
poverty and be able to feed her citizens.

What is bad, however, is attachment to wealth and its use for
adharmic purposes. This is a problem of the individual and not
of the times, for there were staunch materialists even during
the times of Adi Shankara. The Mahabharata has many characters
who were arguably more materialistic than those living today.

If you want to be spiritual, simply shun materialism yourself
(start with the TV!). There is no need to blame the times.

I agree. Society is composed of individuals. Instead of building more
"spiritual organisations" each individual should try to reform himself
and try to live as per the shastras. This is according to HH
Chandrashekara Bharathi of Sringeri.

bhava Sankara deSika me saraNam

sadASiva samArambham SankaracArya madhymam
asmadAcArya paryantam vande guru paramparam

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