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Dear Mr. Ravi,

Does bhAskararAya mean the great Bhaskaraacharya ? Please let me know.
Bhaskaraacharya was one of the greatest sages and mathematicans of the
ancient times. He was also a great Srividya upaasaka and a Tantra
shaastra expert.


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Some of these MP3-CDs are with me and I help Srimathi Aruna Sankaran
and Srimathi Aarathi Sankaran (who is a member of our list) in
distributing them in North America.

At this point, I have Mp3 CDs (Sanskrit+Tamil) on

a) Lalita sahasranama  - 2  CDs
b) muNDakopanishad  - ~ 1+ CDs
c) praSnopanishad - 2 CDs
d) kaThopanishad -  ~2 CDs

And by kavi kannan on  (in Tamil)
e) abhirami antAdi - 3 CDs

All the upaniSad bhaShya-s are by Sankara, lalita sahasranaama by
bhAskararAya. Typically, Sri Sastrigal goes over line by line of the
bhAshya and gives brief tamil explanation and I should add that the
class he is conducting has really advanced students with a good
background knowledge.  Hence, the material covered is tough and needs
dedicated time to listen (and with the original in hand).

Currently, Sri Sastrigal is conducting classes on Acharya's viShNu
sahasranAma bhAShya   and devi mAhatmya (with 7 different
commentaries). These on going classes will also be eventually made
available as MP3 CDs.

I plan to start distributing the above CDs  sometime Jan 2006 and I
will post an announcement at that time with details.  You can see
about the LS CDs here:


> A list of lectures by Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal with samples Can
be found
> at http://www.geocities.com/sanskrit_scriptures/lectures/RKWeb.htm

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