[Advaita-l] Re: Love molecule

Sanjay Srivastava sksrivastava68 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 07:37:28 CST 2005

Sri Praveen Bhat wrote:

> Could you please confirm if this is from "Nothing ever happened" or elsewhere?

It is from "Odyssey"  by Madhukar Thompson.

> (Strictly speaking... rather, IMHO... Poonja Maharaj could hardly be considered a modern master. He gives credit of his enlightenment to his guru, Ramana Maharshi)

Maybe Punjaji was not a "modern" master, but I would not attach much
importance on his giving credit of his enlightenment to Ramana.

Ramana is in fact the easiest target for any neo-advaitin. Since
Ramana is not from the tradition, it gives opportunity to any wannabe
guru to hitch his bandwagon to Ramana while bypassing the rigors of
discipline needed for undergoing a traditional training. Moreover
claiming "enlightenment" outside the tradition gives an additional
advantage since there is no objective criteria such as shruti to
verify their assertions.

VedAnta holds that a teacher should be brahmanishTha and shrotriya.
While brahmanishTha could be in any path, being a shrotriya usually
requires a rigorous training. Ramana never had a traditional training
of shAstra, yet because of his puNyas from previous births and
interactions with number of jnAnis in his aruNAchal days, he developed
a flawless understanding of shAstra. It goes to Ramana's credit that
he never took anyone as his disciple in deferrence to vedAnta
tradition that does not recognize anyone outside the tradition as a


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