[Advaita-l] The liberated souls and Brahmaloka

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Fri Mar 5 09:41:39 CST 2004

--- rohit ubhayaker <rohit8ganesh at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> Of  the  four  muktis  mentioned  Saalokya , Saaroopya , Saamipya 
> and  Saayujya , only  the  fourth  indicates  Nirguna  mukti . The 
> Puraanas  testify  to  this .

I've not been following the discussions on this thread, but the above
statements are incorrect. In his VivekachUDAmaNi bhAshhya,
H.H.Chandrashekhara BhAratI says that NONE OF THE FOUR - sAlokya,
sArUpya, sAmIpya and sAyujya - refer to "mukti in the true sense of the

We find a similar statement in Ramana Maharshi's "uLLadu nArpadu" as
well: "If it is said, that Liberation is of three kinds, with form or
without form or with and without form, then let me tell you that the
extinction of three forms of Liberation is the only true Liberation."


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