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Ranjeet Sankar thefinalsearch at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 16 23:19:30 CDT 2004

English translation by swAmi gambhIrAnanda on all the major works by
sha~Nkara except bRRIhadAraNyaka upaniShat is available.
Translation of bRRIhadAraNyaka done by swAmi mAdhavAnanda is also available.

The books are available at http://www.advaitaonline.com/pub.htm

Hari Om

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> I come from a family of Telugu Smarthas. Our family elders say that we are
> followers of traditions set by Sri Sringeri Shankara Mutt.
> Can U guide me to some books wherein a genuine efforts is made to
> translate all the works of Sri Shankarachaya in English. I am looking at
> plain translation and meanings rather than the translators opinion and
> interpretations. Also, I thought by enrolling in your site, I may get to
> know more Advaita and Sri Shankara's works.
> Hope you will help me,in my endeavor.
> Regards,
> Shankar.

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