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Fri Jun 13 14:37:58 CDT 2003

Dear Nagarjuna,

>When it comes to the knowledge of Parabrahman,
>neither bricks, nor walls, nor Great wall of China
>nor your civil engineering is going to help.
>That is the whole point.

My point is that according to vedanta, knowledge of brahman is alone to be pursued. The reason for this can be explained only by advaitic mode of thinking. It is because brahman alone is the underlying essence and the knowledge of the essence is what that matters. If there are any other essences, other than brahman one may doubt as to why they should not be sought after. But since brahman is the only essence, brahman alone should be sought.

All the vEdantins agree that Knowledge of Brahman alone to be pursued.
They all agree that Brahman is the Highest there is.

What do you think Acharya Madhwa and Acharya RaamAnuja pursued?
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