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Shree Aniruddhan


It is recognized by all that qualities are different from substantive
which is dravya. Since each sense picks up specific quality in its field
(eyes -color and forms; ears - sound etc) but we know that color and
form or sound are not the same as substantive.

It is also true that these qualities are not dravya-s and therefore
cannot exist independently of the substantives.  The inherent relation
is recognized by all - each school may use different terminology but
bottom line is essentially the same, even though each school may claim
theirs is unique.  Qualities are called visheshaNa-s or guNa-s. 

Every object has qualities is also recognized by all schools. 
Conversely that which has qualities is an object is recognized by
Advaita. Subject is differnt from an object. Therefore it also follows
that subject cannot be qualified.  Essence of adhyaasa is
supreimposition of qualities (which belong to objects) to the subject,
I, which is nirguNa. All qualities are measurable - that is what senses
do. Anything that can be measurable is limited, by definition. From that
it follows that objects that invariably have qualities are limited. 
Subject, I, therefore is not limited. Corollary is only finite has
qualities since they are measurable. Infinite by definition cannot have
qualities.  One can say that infinite has infinite qualities - but that
is not saying anything other than putting the same thing differently,
perhaps more elegantly at least  in their opinion. Now you can see why
scripture says Brahman is nirguNa - and also aham brahmaasmi too. This
is samanvaya as well as adhyaasa in a nutshell!

Hari OM!

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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