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praNAm Sri Sadananda Prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks a lot for your kind clarification & patience prabhuji.  If you could
throw some more light on the  following observation I'd be very grateful to
you prabhuji.   Kindly bear with me I am still a tyro in this subject.

prabhuji you wrote :
In dream we only project what we know based on the waking state. Have
you ever created 'gaagabuubu' in your dream? What is that? Well you have
not obviously since you have no knowledge of gagaabuubu. What you dream
is reflections of your samskaara from the waking or in the previous
waking states - the impressions of which you have.

The difference between waking and dream is the intellect in the dream is
not in its highest potential - hence it is only a bhoga bhuumi - only
exhaust your vasana-s and not collect more.

Yes they are different - the dream is the creatiing of the waking mind
and the waking world is the creation of the total mind (consists of all
the waking miinds put together) - you can say - one is a subjective-
objective world and the other is objective-objective world. They are
parallel but identical.

>  prabhuji, what you are saying here is based on taking waking state as
primary reality. Though it is agreeable that we are analysing all the three
states from waker's point of view, there is no concrete evidence that we
are having the dreams based on waking experience!!  We have started our
journey from mother's womb spent most of our time in a dreaming world..
Right from our infancy there is no clarity whether we have started our
journey from waking to dreaming, or dreaming to waking or from sleeping to
dreaming to waking worlds or vice versa. ( I think there is a shruti vaakya
on these states & here order of the states is reversed i.e.
sleeping-dreaming-waking). That is the reason why holding the waking state
as primary evidence/reality to prove other two states seems somewhat
illogical to me.  Right from our childhood we are experiencing this cyclic
operation without knowing which came first.  Moreover, it is very difficult
to decide whether we are experiencing these three states on a single/common
platform of dEsha & kAla like different compartments of train on a railway

>  *avastha* defined as *viShEshaH kAlikOvastA* in kOSha.  From the waking
world we can decide that we are undergoing different *avastha* to our
bodies like bAlya, koumAram, youvanam, jarA, mruthyu etc.etc. based on
common time  like this, can we determine our waking & dreaming states also
?? that is the question needs to be answered..  What we are witnessing
dEsha & kAla of dreaming world is entirely different from waking world. For
ex. if someone dream at midnight(waking time), in that dream he may walking
in perspiration due to midday sun (dreaming time).  So as per his *dream
clock* it is around 12 noon..now, the question is how sun light is there at
mid-night..which clock is right whether it is waker's clock or dreamer's
clock.. with this how can we decide that this is yEkakAlikAvasta..( two
different avastas in same time)

>  As I said earlier, it is true that dreamer's experience in dream is as
TRUE as waker's experience in waking state.  In dream dreamer will not say,
OK, I was awake just before now I am experiencing the dream world.  Even in
the dream world also he thinks that he is wide awake!!  We cannot refute
this by saying waking world experience is common to our fellow beings hence
it is true.. as a matter of fact we do experience in dream the vagaries of
the world, we do experience the Adibhoutika, AdhyAtmika & Adidaivika world.
we do experience the bhUta, bhavishyat & vartamAna kAla, we do interact
with our friends & relatives, we do see all sentient & insentients just as
real as in waking state. A dreamer does not say that these are all vasanAs
of his waking world or objective-objective world or bhOga bhumi, just like
waking world here also pramAtru-pramEya vyavahAra is there.  Is not it
prabhuji..There is no way that a dreamer can recognise that he is dreaming
his world & say he is only projecting the vasanas of waking world.  Dreamer
is very much *a waker* in dreaming world..he never thinks that this is a
dream, I should stop this nonsense in future..

>  Prabhuji, I think with this we can arrive at the understanding that
atman will be there in all these avasthas in swa-swarUpa, sAkshi chEta
without getting affected a bit.  For him dreaming & waking world both are
one & the same. Since in waker the waking world is there, similarly in the
dreamer the dreaming world will be there with same intensity.  But in
reality both worlds are UNREAL, but real in its own spheres & respective
time & it is not interdependent. It will be an unwise decision if we think
waking state is real & dreaming state is unreal or dependent on waking
state.  Shruti says saptAnga yekOnavimshatimukhaH.

>  Prabhuji, kindly correct me if my understanding is not in line with
advaita vedanta.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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