[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 1, Issue 32

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Mon Jun 2 05:19:14 CDT 2003

Der SriKrishna,

> Why is Sri Jay avoiding to answer this question. I
> thought any respectable argument starts with complete
> introduction of the participant, and identifying the
> schools and gurus is one such important clue to know
> the complete basis of an honest open discussion. This
> gives an opportunity for the readers to understand
> complete argument, and do not have to depend on a
> peace-meal approach.

I am not avoiding the question.   There is a reason for it.

We have compartmentalized philosophy so much so that
we have almost lost the meaning of "Brahma-jignyAsA".
We start out with conclusions depending on our respective
schools of thought, and then worry about shAstra.

If I am an  advaitin then I have six pramANas,  if I am a dvaitin
I only have three.

If I am a vishishTAdvaitin then Brahman is also material cause,
if I am a dvaitin then He is only efficient cause.

If I am an advaitin then there are two Brahmans- saguNa and NirguNa.
If I am a dvaitin / V.advaitin then there is only One Brahman.

If I am an advaitin,  all I need is the four-mahAvAkyas to understand
the rest of the Agama.  If I am a dvaitin,  then you need entire Veda.

If  I am an advaitin,  then this world is only illusory,  irrespective of
who says what.   If I am an V.advaitin,  then this world is not illusory
irrespective of who says what.

If I am an advaitin,  I am already Brahman whether I want to be or not.
If I am a dvaitin,  then I will never be Brahman  even if I want to be.

The list goes on.

In other words,  we have reduced philosophy to a bunch of beliefs.
I am not saying I am an exception to this.   All I am saying is,  it is okay
to learn prasthAna-traya starting from any school of thought.
But,  to keep saying "this world is real if you are a dvaitin,  it is not
if you are an advaitin"  is wrong for either of them.

So, why start with conclusions from any single school of thought
and call it vEdAnta.

Instead,  take any of the above concepts,  and show where and why
prasthAna-traya contradicts that idea.

Anyway, since you asked,   I belong to a school of thought where
parabrahman is considered  jnEya,  gamya and the The Highest Teacher.

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