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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Tue Jul 29 01:33:39 CDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, [iso-8859-1] maria DICKSON wrote:

> Dear all:
> First of all, excuse me because I don‘t propose any
> theme, but my knowledge about Vedanta matters is very
> little. I only read a few books, only one from Sankara
> (Atmabodha), and I don‘t write in English very good.
> My language is Spanish. But I‘m very interested in
> Vedanta and I take a lot of knowledge by reading your
> mails. Perhaps you can help me and you can recommend
> me with which book of Sankara I must continue...
> Tanks a lot.

Well it's not by Shankaracharya but as you expressed an interest in Bhakti
you might like the Gudarthadipika commentary on the Bhagavadgita by Swami
Madhusudana Saraswati (approx. 15th century.)  Unfortunately I don't
think it has been translated into Spanish but there are some English

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