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>> Do jana, tapa, satya pertain to gAyatrI/sAvitrI
>> at all ? Or do these refer to some other mantra ?
>Yes they do as we practice it now.  Within the Vedic samhita text itself
>(at least in Shuklayajurveda which is what I am familiar with) only the
>first three are mentioned.  As well as the taittiriya as you noted, some
>of the other upanishads (i.e brhadaranyaka and chandogya) as well as some
>of the aranyakas mention maha as the fourth.
>But it seems like a natural evolution of thought if we take bhu, bhuvah,
>and sva to mean the earth, air, and heaven and maha to be the source of
>the three worlds as mentioned in the upanishad we know from elsewhere that
>maha can be divided into four--ahamkara, buddhi, manas, and prajna or
>chitta. Prajna (= satya) is Brahman.

Namaste Jaldhar,

The correspondence between the vyAhritis and the vedas is:
bhU - rig veda
bhuva - yajur veda
sva - sAma veda
maha - brahma veda (atharva veda)

>From this viewpoint too, remaining three are not clear.


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