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Mon Sep 9 18:59:41 CDT 2002

--- Kiran B R <kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM> wrote:
> But in only one state can water freeze on boiling.
> In
> only one state can I run 100m in 2s. That is called
> the dream-state. So isn't there a difference?

There is no essential difference between the waking
and dream states insofar as the reality of the
external objects perceived is concerned.

The problem is that the "standard" of comparison of
the waking and dream states is now the waking state.
The laws of physics in the waking state are as
illusory in the dream state as the "dream laws" are in
the waking state.

> We
> cannot negate this difference. Negating this
> difference will be equivalent to claiming that
> everything the mind conjures up is necessarily
> possible in the world. I mean the world we see in
> the
> waking state.

The world itself is conjured up by the mind!

To say that an illusory object cannot be conjured up
in the illusory world is like saying that the author
of a certain novel could not possibly have created a
character in the book that can fly.


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