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Dear Sriram,

--- "Mr.Sriram" <srirudra at VSNL.COM> wrote:
> Seeing the for and against arguments to know whether
> a brahmavid can perform miracles by even changing
> the laws of Nature at His will I would like to say
> that the elements do obey atleast temporarily the
> earnest prayers made by pious people.

Do you know a pious person who can freeze water by
boiling? I'm dying to meet him.

> In Valmiki
> Ramayanam we have an instance of Agni becoming cool
> at the tail of Sri Anjaneya as per the prayer
> addressed to him by Sri Janaki Matha.In the Bible
> also we have instances of Jesus Christ exercising
> powers over the wind and sea and calming them
> down.He even restored life to people who were
> dead.
> These powers flow either due to their divine
> nature or due to devout prayers.

braHman=braHmavid cannot pray and ask favours from
someone else. There just ain't no "someone else".

> At the same time
> They obey the laws laid down by the Brahman.

Who is this second braHman?

> Matha
> Janaki was devoured by The Earth and Jesus did
> suffer crucification.When one becomes Brahman He
> willnot become a competitor...

Again, by saying "will not", the question of his
capability (to be a competitor in this case) is being
implicitly assumed. But I am questioning this

In the statement "He will not run 100m in 2s", there
is no, I repeat, no unique answer to the question "CAN
he run 100m in 2s?"

> the existing One
> without a second so  as  to alter the scheme of
> things as He is the one who is  manifested as
> all-from a blade of grass to a black hole-.S o let
> us not put silly tests to know whether such and such
> can be called a Brahman or not.
> It tantamounts to
> denial of Brahman and in that case there is
> noVedantha.This is my view.Krishnamoorthy.

You're assuming what I want you to prove: That the
tests I proposed are silly.


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