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On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, Prasad Balasubramanian wrote:

> Jaldhar,
>   Can you kindly explain the meaning of the word "upADHi" that is
> present in so many verses of viVekachUdAmaNi ? I couldnt find the
> meaning myself anywhere and because of this, I'm not able to proceed.
> Thanks and regards Prasad

UpAdhi means the distinguishing or defining lakshaNa (characteristic of a
thing.)  For instance if we are talking about a red crystal, redness is
the upAdhi beause redness is what seperates it from a blue crystal, white
crystal etc.  The redness may just be because there is a red flower behind
the crystal which is being refracted through it.  If there had been a blue
flower there, the crystal would have appeared blue but in fact it is
neither red nor blue.  So actually neither redness or blueness can be
called its' upAdhi.  In the same way Brahman has no real upAdhis, any
apparent upAdhis are just superimpositions upon it.

Apart from the type of upadhi mentioned above--guNa (quality,) there are
three other kinds, jAti (type,) kriyA (use or purpose,) and saMjnA (name.)

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