Translation Series - Gita Bhashya - Introduction 1/3

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Fri Aug 2 09:46:53 CDT 2002

For your second question: one reference I can think of is

For the first question, they cannot be practised simultaneously. This is
very clearly explained in the bhaashhya of the same upanishhad.
For most poeple, typically it is one (pravRtti maarga) followed by the
other (nivRtti maarga). As it was pointed out there are also cases such as
sanaka etc, it was directly  and only nivRtti maarga.

My 2c.


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>Dear Sri Vidyasankar,
>When you say "Law is to be observed" - does it refer to either of the paths
>at any time or both simultaneously or one followed by the other?
>What is Sri Sankara refering to when he says that the "Law is described in
>the Vedas" (vedokta)?

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