Nature of Reality

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Oct 4 14:52:37 CDT 2001

Namaste Shri SVS,

In my past few postings although I seemed to discuss the
phenomenon of Yoga siddhis, I was in fact talking about
day to day life of every single one of us.

Each one of us, at all times, are involved in manipulating
the events in the mental plane and there by shaping the
incidents in the physical plane, weather we realize it or
not. Yoga siddhis are just extreme examples of this activity.
Hence somewhat easier to analyze. One can study them to
understand the mechanism involved in their working. But that
is the same meachnism by which we shape our lives. Thus
the interest in Yoga siddhis.

One way of understanding vedas is as you indicate: It is about
the topic of Self (atman) and Vyavahara topics are not really
the focus.

It is also possible to understand Vedas as primarily focussing
on Vyavahara. However, since the topic of Vyavahara is so vast
the amount of knowledge pertaining to Vyavahara is infinite. Hence
one is forced to seek THAT one thing which when known, everything
else is kown. Thus the interest of the Vedas in THAT, and also the
supreme goal of the students of Vedas to know THAT.

Best regards

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