Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, elmec wrote:


> When
> the
> mother realises that the child is truly in distress, which mother will
> not
> pick up the child immediately and console it ? But the call has to come
> from
> the child first. The mother will not simply pick up the child as long as
> the
> child is playing comfortably without even remembering her !

IMO, a mother who lets a child suffer just because the child doesn't "call
out to her" is only craving attention for herself. This is an egoistic
mother who demands attention from her child before offering her love to
the child. She appears to be saying, "You first give me the attention and
respect that I deserve, and then I will give you my love." IMO, this is
the voice of the God of the dualistic religions like Judaism, Islam, etc.
who offers "conditional love" -- he cares for the follower only after
receiving praise from the poor follower, and not otherwise.

On reading Ramana Maharshi, I find that according to him, God is ALWAYS
looking after the welfare of all. One only needs to open one's eyes and
see that He is ever taking care of everyone. Love is free, there's no need
to bargain for it!

Ramana has also said that real love is the Self: "The love between two
people can never endure. The love that we seek is our real nature. The
Self is love, God is love."  (`The teachings of Ramana Maharshi,' by
Arthur Osborne).


> Regards,
> Hari Om,
> Latha Vidyaranya



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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