saguNa and nirguNa are the same

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Some excerpts from "Didactic Treatises," by H.H Abhinava
Vidyatirtha Mahaswamigal:

This is an excerpt from the third essay titled "Bhakti Yoga,"
pp. 23-31. I don't want to quote long parts and violate
copyrights. I am probably already violating it by quoting
extensively. Anyeay, I request all interested people to buy
this book and read it.

>> begin excerpts

tameva viditvA.atimR^iymeti

[It is only on knowing Him that one transcends death]

In this fashion, the vedas unequivocally emphasize that it is
only when a person realizes the supreme brahman that he
transcends sorrow and attains unsurpassable bliss.

AtmA vA are drashhTavyaH shrotavyo mantavyo nididhyAsitavyaH |

[The Atma, my dear, should be realized, heard of, reflected on
and firmly meditated upon]

{HH explains what shravaNa etc are}

So, it behooves a person to realize the Atma that is none
other than the brahman by resorting to shravaNa, manana and
nididhyAsana and thereby attain emancipation from
transmigration. Purity of the mind is a prerequisite for
shravaNa, manana and nididhyAsana.

{HH quotes some passages here}

Accordingly, though the aspirant who is mentally immaculate
and preeminently qualified realizes the supreme the moment he
hears from his Guru, the great avouchment that the individual
soul is actually none other than the Supreme, the middling
aspirant requires shravaNa, manana and nididhyAsana, while the
dull aspirant has to depend on several spiritual practices
such as upAsana or contemplation. Bhakti is the foremost of
these means.


Many are the scriptural statements such as this that emphasize
that it is the duty of everyone to acquire bhakti., which as
discussed, brings about purity of mind, mental steadiness,
competence for steadfast meditation of the Atma and the
ultimate fulfilment of life as a human.

-------------------------------------------------------------- end

H.H seems to be very clearly defining what the role of upAsana
is. He says that upAsana leads to moxa, but clarifies that it
is because it leads to the competence for shravaNa, etc.

I shall reply to Kartik's point about the upadeshasAhasrI in a
separate mail. Thanks to all who commented on my previous mails. I
have been unable to reply to all the people who replied to my mails on
this topic, due to work pressure. Hopefully, I'll get to it soon.
Comments, welcome.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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