Differences between Vedantic schools

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Wed Aug 18 13:59:40 CDT 1999

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> Dvaita

> Maya = ignorance in the plain sense of the word with no transcendental
>        significance.

I don't believe that is accurate, because, for instance, the mANDUka's
`mAyAmAtram.h' would have to mean "[the world is] by ignorance (in the
plain sense) only." The actual explanation given is something like `mAyeti
bhagavatpraj~nA saiva mAna-trANa-kartrI yasya tan.h mAyAmAtram.h', the
operative part being, of course, `mAyeti bhagavat.h praj~nA' -- mAyA is
the Consciousness/Will of the Supreme Being.


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