New member introduction: shrI Guy Werlings

Guy Werlings guy.werlings at WANADOO.FR
Sat Sep 5 09:03:57 CDT 1998

Subhanu Saxena wrote:
> On 3rd September Gur Werlings wrote:
> > Finally, I'd like to tell that I feel myself so ignorant that if you
> > accept me in ADVAITA-L, I shall probably have more questions to raise
> > than articles or contributions to make
> >
> Su swAgatam!
> It is great having somebody of your scholaship and interest on the
> website.I look forward to you future contributions and enriched by
> interactions with you
> Subhanu

namaste !

Thank you for your kind welcome.

Just want to tell very frankly I don't consider me at all as a scholar.
I'm just an ordinary sAdhaka,with no University background and a
knowledge of sanskrit limited to the basics acquired  alone a long time
ago with the help of the A.S. Bhandarkar's method, of which I have the
28th edition, dated Indore, 17th,August, 1936. You see  my so called
scholarship is often based on rather old books.    As another example, I
can tell you I have the very first edition of the srImadbhAgavata
pUrANa, translated from Sanskrit into French by Mr Eugène Burnouf upon
request of the Goverment, from a manuscript in the Royal Library, later
National Library ( first volume printed in 1840, fifth volume
firstprinted only in 1898).

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam


P.S.a small detail of no importance in mail. I made a small mistake in
my presentation : trying to indicate how to pronounce my family name, I
should have written verlings' as the w there shoulf sound like the
sanskrit v in vedAnta or vAda an not like v in svAmi or tattva. No
importance,as we only write each anotherce but I always try to be
precise and accurate as much as ever possible. Hope you will not find me
too maniac from the start.

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