Gregory Goode goode at DPW.COM
Wed Feb 11 14:55:05 CST 1998

At 04:08 PM 2/10/98 -0800, Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
>> What is a Kalpasutra?  What is a Vedanga?
>A kalpasUtra is a text that gives details of rituals. A typical text has
>portions labelled SrautasUtras (public Vedic ritual), gRhyasUtras
>(domestic ritual) and dharmasUtras (covers all other aspects of dharma).
>A vedAnga is a subsidiary field of study in the Vedic tradition, a field
>that goes hand in hand with the Vedas. Usually, six are enumerated,
>including jyotisha (astronomy/astrology), nirukta (etymology in a very
>special sense), vyAkaraNa (grammer) etc. A vedAnga must be distinguished
>from the upaveda-s like Ayurveda, gAndharvaveda etc.

Thanks very much!


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