118. harikeshasakhI

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Wed Aug 12 18:44:26 CDT 1998

118. harikeshasakhI

SHE who is the friend of harikesha.

harikesha means golden haired. "hiraNmayshmashru hiraNyakesha" -
one who has golden hairs and whiskers.(chandogya upaniShad). SHE
is his friend and SHE helps him in his works without expecting
any return.

Or harikesha means one who has blue hairs like hari or viShNu. It
refers to kAmeshvara who has dark hairs resembling youth. SHE is
his mate.

Or harikesha can mean hari (viShNu) + ka (brahma) + Isha (shiva).
SHE is their friends.

(To be continued.)

NOTE: I have a tamil book on trishati which says that golden
haired one refers to shiva, in tamil devotional hymns, shiva is
called O golden colored one, O golden haired one, etc.

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