BIG Apology!

Daniel Singer DSingerny at AOL.COM
Tue Nov 25 16:27:54 CST 1997

Greg and other list members: My deepest apologies! I mis-read the the e-mail,
"quotes within quotes, within responses", and quite mistakenly read it as
Greg's words. I attributed a quote to him which he did not make.  He was
 actually merely responding to someone elses statement in one of these e-mail
forays and I mistook it to be his words when in truth it was the words of the
other person (who's original transmission I deleted, so I can't acknowledge.
Perhaps someone else can) .. My stupidity and lack of computer  reading savy
erred and I wish to make this correction loud and clear....respectfully,

PS The quote which I am referring to was the following.  I regret having
deleted the original transmission so that I am unable to give proper credit
to the one who wrote it. I do now know it was definitely not Greg Goode.
> Firstly, this discussion and the topic are at the vyavahaarika level
> where the concept that there are many jeevas is acceptable and is valid.
> Many jeevas have many minds. And these many minds create the many worlds
> and hence these worlds are different. I still do not see evidence that all
> these minds create only one world.

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