4th paada of gaayatri mantra

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Mon Nov 10 08:41:17 CST 1997


I request the list memebers who chant saMpuurNa gaayatri (which has one
more paada) to describe and discuss its significance. I know the text
of this sentence, but I would like to hear from someone who practices
it. I read that in a book on saundaryalaharii. Author of that text
discussed about this additional sentence in the context of
panchadashaaksharii mantra (which is coded in verse 32 of
saundaryalaharii). He also notes with sadness that not many
meditate on saMpuurNa gaayatri. If I receive no input on this
context, I will post about this in a week or so.

Aside 1: There is complete text of shrii Sai sat charita writen by
Hemadpant in WWW
It is  a great work. I have read that in tamizh. Reading that text will
purify the heart. As shrii milarepa (shankara of Tibet) said, there is
nothing like reading a biography to purify oneself.

Aside 2: Sometime back shrii Nageshwara Rao asked about the meaning
of shiva. There is a lot of info on that in shaiva siddhanta works,
especially in tamizh. I have a text called tiruvaintzhuttu, which
summarizes it well. I will write about it soon.


"meenalochani paashamochani maanini kadamba vanavaasinii"

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