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I will be interested in joining the Advaita group. Very briefly I will
describe about my self. I was born in Ramapuram, Andhra Pradesh and got all
my education in Andhra and from Andhra University. I moved to North America
immediately after obtaining Ph.D from Andhra University with my wife and
two sons. Wwe had a daughter who was born in U.S.A. Right now I am faculty
member in physics department for the last 28 years or so.

As far my sriritual or religious activities are concerned I wish to state
that I am very much interested in religion and Bhakti. I can not say that I
belong Saivism or Vaishnavism. Our family God is Lord Venkateswara and we
like to visit Tirupati quiet often if it possible. Our worship is not
limited to Lord Venkateswara alone and we worship more or less every

For the last few years with a good Sat sangh, we are tuned our activities
in chanting Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam, Lakshmi Sthotram, Vishnu Sahasra
Namam etc every saturday with group of friends. Whenever I get time I like
to read Hindu religious books. I also enjoy in putting all the slokas on
computer using telugu font.

I donot have any hesitation to admitt that I know very little about our
religion and I like to know more about it. For that reason I like to join
Adaita group so that in coming motnhs/years I like to clarify various
doubts I have about human soul in particular and the philosophy of Advaita
in genral. I read about Sankaraa Chgaarya and had the fortune to see the
movie. I have a friend here (Dr.Gummuluru Satyanarayana Murthy) who is an
active member in your group and to some extent I will give credit to him to
join this group.

Finally I wish to state that I am looking forward to join Advaita group and
enhance my knowledge so that I can remove my ignorance. Bye...Satyanaryana

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