Being in the moment vs. "heads-up"

Jonathan Bricklin brickmar at EARTHCOM.NET
Fri Jun 27 15:55:49 CDT 1997

>It is my view that driving and meditation certainly can take place
>simultaneously.  For that matter, any activity in life can be meditation.
>If one "loses consciousness" and runs red lights, etc., one is not
>meditating, one is in some kind of trance.  Meditation is facing the
>seeing things as they are in the Here and Now, not losing oneself in some
>beautiful thought or emotion.


Yes, except I think it would be wrong to confuse being in the moment with
being "heads-up."  Attention to what is, does not entail attention to
everything in your immediate environment.  I actually don't think we ever
lose consciousness.  Even a black-out is only a black-in of which only the
last moment was remembered.  Moreover,  I think its perfectly possible to
be completely centered in the exact arising moment, feel/express the total
love that comes with the dissolution of self in such a state, and be very
deluded about the implications of it all.    In other words, I believe that
meditation always stresses process over content.

Jonathan Bricklin

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